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Nimble simplifies commercial real estate project delivery, connecting the dots through relentless collaboration, an experienced team, and best-in-class service.

Why Nimble?

Founded by an industry leader in project and development management, corporate real estate, and construction, our team brings specialized experience and a personal sense of commitment to our service and craft.

Our offerings are shaped by the decades of experience we bring to real estate strategy and construction, providing end-to-end solutions that address common pain points in the project delivery process.

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A Trusted Partner

Nimble is a business built on relationships. And relationships drive successful teams. Successful teams deliver successful projects. At Nimble we help build teams from scratch, with the right mindset, to deliver the required results.


Over $2B Managed

Nimble has managed over USD $2B of commercial real estate projects across office, industrial, retail, health care and hospitality sectors.


Delivering commercial real estate projects is an experience filled with anxiety and unknowns for business owners, involving countless partners and steep costs. Nimble was launched as a direct response to this issue, providing a one-stop solution to team building and coordination.

Nimble is a consulting business focused on providing real estate strategy, project and development management services to business owners, real estate investors and developers. The flexibility of Nimble provides experienced resources, which tailor their approach to each client’s given needs. Nimble’s customized services allows us to deliver the right solution the first time, every time.


Nick Mazzocco

Commercial Real Estate Team Builder


Leah Sternhagen

Senior Director


Justine Logelin



Have a real estate project that needs a team leader?

Our services are tailored to every project, minimizing stressors for business owners while maximizing the quality and efficiency of the final result.

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